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The proliferation of media channels in today’s world means businesses depend on their public image to position them in the best possible light more than ever before.

That often starts with their people, after all, leaders are the people employees, partners, investors and the media turn to for inspiration, information, comfort and, in times of trouble or scrutiny, answers.

Making sure your executives and leadership team are appropriately presented and communicating the right body language is a big part of being a great corporate and executive portrait photographer.

"I required a portrait photo for my business and Nicholas was able to give me exactly what I sought - a professional yet natural look."

Julie, Corporate Portrait Client

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Fine Photography - Corporate and Executive Photography

Nicholas Fiennes intricately understands how the wrong headshot, or staged portrait, can actually damage how a businessperson, and by extension, their company, is perceived and judged.

For example, the photo we would take of a CEO for an information memorandum might be very different to the photo we would take for use during a media crisis.

Knowing this, our team will work with your media advisors and/or internal marketing and communications resources to establish an aesthetic and shoot list that leaves nothing to chance and ensures ongoing consistency and credibility of image.

We know and understand the sort of shots journalists and editors look for because we also work with them on commission. With this inside knowledge, we can make sure you receive a portfolio of photos that are tailor-made for the situations you’ll be using them in.

Fine Photography - Corporate and Executive Photography

Whether it’s on LinkedIn, the company website, intranet or business documents, a professionally produced photograph speaks volumes as to the business you are in and the sort of people you employ.

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