How find your best angle and strike a pose for portrait photos

When having portrait photos taken, it’s important to consider the best angles and poses that will suit you and your body. Here are 3 tips for how to pose for portrait photos.

Turn your face and bring your ears forward

Our natural standing stance is actually not very attractive in photos. The chin can look flat and if you aren’t feeling 100% comfortable in front of the camera, people can have the tendency to pull their face in and away from the lens even more. This can not only make you lose your neck but potentially create a double chin! Instead try to think about pushing your chin towards the camera and your ears forward (to prevent getting a look up the nose). Think of a ‘turtle’ emerging their head from the shell. It feels awkward but will make a big difference to your photos.

Another thought is to find the best angle of your face by turning one ear towards the camera and taking photos from both sides. The human body is not completely symmetrical, and your face is no exception. The smallest difference can make a big difference to how you look in a photo from that side. A slight turn will also give you a strong jawline.

Think about the position of your arms

A popular pose used especially in corporate headshots is to cross your arms. It can show a strength and confidence, if done right. If you plan to cross your arms, it’s especially important in this instance to remember not to tilt your head back thus making your arms the focal point. As previously mentioned, tilt the chin forward and try turning the face toward the side.

If not crossing your arms, another tip is to create space between your arms and body. When standing relaxed the arms press against the side of your body making them look larger than they actually are. When posing, move the arm out from the body so it is floating. This will make it look smaller. If this is just feeling too awkward, you can pose with the arm out by putting it on your hip or holding onto something such as the back of a chair.

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Shift your weight and turn your shoulders

As with the face, you will find that the body has some angles that are more flattering and natural than others. Standing in a natural stance front on to the camera isn’t flattering to anyone. To work with your best side, try shifting your weight onto one foot. It’s best to shift your weight onto your back foot and move the other in front. You will still be front on to the camera but this will help create a flattering S curve with your body. Be careful not to lean away from the camera as this can look stiff and uncomfortable.

Another pose to try is by turning your shoulders to the side. As with the face, try both sides and see which works better for you.

As with all ‘posed’ photos, the aim is for you to be looking calm, relaxed and natural. This will bring out the best in you for a portrait photo shoot. Don’t let overthinking make you feel and look awkward and uncomfortable. If these ideas for poses aren’t working for you, just remember to move to try different angels and looks. Also, if you are getting professional portraits done, a good photographer will know all these tips and how to get the best out of your photos.

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