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Corporate headshots

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Your Corporate Headshot is basically your own personal brand. It achieves the same objective as a logo does for a business.

A head shot is the perfect chance to let your expertise and personality pop to your audience. So regardless if it is for personal reason or for business reason ensure that the final image you choose matches your brief.

When it comes to recruitment, headshots are your gateway in. Life is so busy, the image you portray is the one that sticks in peoples mind, they may only read a few lines into your resume or your homepage, but the image remains front of mind. The more professional the image the more likely an employer is to see how seriously you take your career.

As a company it’s imperative that you present yourself and your staff in the best possible way. Whether it be for a social media page or an “about us” page, a lot is decided within a few seconds of seeing a persons’ face. Putting your staff faces at the forefront of your business is the key to securing a customers’ trust.

A professional head shot is in fact your first impression. We are all judged in some way by how we look, especially in business, so you need to make it count and get a great shot.

Need a professional headshot ?

Professional Headshots from an Experienced Photographer

Having had 30 years + experience as a professional portrait photographer, Nicholas Fiennes sends clients home from their photo shoot in our customised boutique studio in Sydney feeling confident, relaxed and happy that their corporate head shot looks so amazing.

Ensuring you have high quality executive photos makes your company look professional and respectable. It shows your competence and credibility as a business.

Even if you hate having your photograph taken, Fine Photography can work to a brief to customise and tailor your photo shoot to convey your desired impression and ensure you are on brand. For example, your business may require you to look serious, light-hearted, casual or you may even need hands on corporate role play shots. Nicholas Fiennes can bring that to life.

If you are unsure or nervous about getting your photograph taken or what you want the outcome to be, Fine Photography will guide you every step of the way. This is your brand remember so you want it to portray the image you are trying to convey correctly. You want to look polished. This is where choosing a professional photographer can help ensure your photo shoots are structured and organised to give the perfect result.

Corporate Headshot

It’s important the time is taken to ensure the final image is professional and not just a casual selfie on your phone. These days that just won’t cut it. It’s about ensuring you are fresh on the day, hair and make-up are on point and that you choose an outfit that is flattering and in line with the story you want to convey to your audience.

Studio or Location Corporate Photography

Corporate headshots

If it is too hard to get all your staff to come to the studio Nicholas can do corporate location shoots. He provides clear directions on how to pose and what to wear to ensure the best shot on the day. We offer packages on individual and group shots in colour and black and white.

Remember a picture is worth a thousand words. People in this day and age like to see things visually before they engage. Corporate photography headshots are a versatile asset that can be used across a range of mediums such as web pages, social media, LinkedIn profiles, Instagram and Twitter. Offline they can be used for brochures and printed promotional material. It’s a business investment and you can't go past hiring Nick as your corporate photographer in Sydney.

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