Russell Marsh | 60 | Australian Army

Russell Marsh | 60 | Australian Army

Lance Corporal, Reconnaissance.

Medals and citations: Australia Defense Medal.

“Be the best you can and a proud Australian.”

  • Motivation for joining: Two grandfathers in the first world war, father in the RAAF in the 2nd
  • Regret leaving

Funny recollection during time of service:

On exercise once, we were sent out to do a night re-supply. After travelling about 50km we should have been at the location, the crew commander got onto HQ who told us we had gone the wrong way.

The ‘crewy’ told them, you gave us this location.

After a couple of minutes silence, they got back to us, apologised and gave us the correct location. We then turned around and went 100km the other direction.

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