Andrew Martin | 72 | Australian Army

Andrew Martin | 72 | Australian Army

Served 2 years.

Craftsman, Instrument Fitter in RAEME.

Medals and citations: The Australian Defence Medal and the National Service Medal.

“To ex service personnel, be proud of the service you have given your country and to future generations, never forget the sacrifices of those before you and NEVER let the ANZAC tradition die.”

  • Conscripted for 2 years National Service from 1968 – 1970.
  • Even though I was conscripted, I thoroughly enjoyed my two years’ service and would do it again.

Best advice/skill received: Enjoy your service and apply for as many courses as you can.

What do you want people to remember about your service? That I was proud to service my country when called upon.

What was the best and worst 'military' food you were served, and why? Most meals were very good, but at basic training the porridge every morning at breakfast looked and tasted like playdough and the custard was either yellow coloured water or lumpy dry bits of powder in yellow coloured water.

What effect did your military experience have on your life? The discipline side didn’t really have much of an effect, as I grew up with a father who spent six years in a Scottish Regiment during the Second World War. When I was called up, I already knew how to wash and iron clothes and clean my school shoes to a high shine. What it did teach me was that I had to be more considerate of other peoples’ feelings and opinions.  

Funny recollection during time of service:

Whilst at basic training in Puckapunyal, I came back 2100hrs (9pm) from the canteen, to my hut, where 20 of us lived at and couldn’t find my bed. A joke played on each other was when someone wasn’t in their hut at night their bed, still fully made up, was moved to the middle of the parade ground. That was where mine was and it was sheer panic to return it to the hut without being caught by the instructors.

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