Anna Friend-Ngui

Anna Friend-Ngui – Barker College School Captain
Anna Friend-Ngui – Barker College School Captain

Barker College School Captain
17 years of age
Future performer


  • Anna is a Christian of faith – “God always guides me to be as kind as I can be. So I hope to be kind to others.”
  • She loves musical theatre and wants to go into the performing arts
  • A sweet idealistic leader who wants war and violence to stop and is frustrated that early settlers did not see the culture that was here in Australia already


Compassion is a very important leader quality, but also humility, because it’s all very well to lead with strength and to say "you follow me, you do what I say". Understanding that you're not on top, and seeing others as equal to you and being able to lead them in that way is what's really important.
Since coming to the school, I've wanted to be kind to others and show compassion to them. That's something very important to me as a leader, to listen to others and understand that.

A lot of people realise things that they took for granted before COVID, and now they're seeing that those little things can be taken away so quickly. As a society as well, everyone's kind of come to this new realization that these things are important and we need to be grateful for everything that's around us, because things are changing so much lately.

In a school there's a lot of people that are there and encouraging you. But when you go into the world, you don't always get things, and they won't always go your way, and you're not going to always be faced with great opportunities. I'm going to need to adjust to the fact that I've got to keep pushing for things that I might want to do, and keep trying even if I get shut down, and it might shock me a little bit like, oh, but I got this in school. Why aren't I getting this here? So, I'll have to prepare.

If I could ask the Prime Minister anything it would be how he deals with making decisions for such a large country and dealing with controversy and difficult decisions that people don't agree on. Even in a big school, even as a school captain, people say "Oh, I don't like that" or "that's not good", so, yes, how do you lead confidently when lots of people might disagree with your decisions.

Making positive change as quickly as possible is something we need to do. And if we can work together as groups and find a team idea, then there's less disagreement. And even though people do disagree, if you can come to ideas and change earlier and as a team and as a group, then the future can be brought forward because we can change a lot of things that are negative to positive.

There's a very big issue of racism and war and violence because a lot of countries are racked with both. And even though that's an issue that is going to be something that's difficult to change and it's going to take a long time to change those kinds of things, if leaders would focus on reducing that and focus on more equalizing the world.

If I could ask a question of anyone dead or alive it would be the early settlers in Australia, the British settlers. Why they treated those who were already there the way they did. What led them to disrupt such a culture. Looking back on it, Australia has changed a lot and we kind of see that there were definitely mistakes made. It frustrates me to think that they didn't see that they were there.

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