Bede Taylor

Bede Taylor – Barker College School Captain
Bede Taylor – Barker College School Captain

Barker College School Captain
17 years of age
Future paediatric surgeon

Bede has a wonderful energy about him. The kind of human you want to spend more time around. A great person to interview as he lets his thoughts run free.


  • Bede is a compassionate young man who thinks deeply and is driven by a sense of justice
  • Like many of his era he is concerned with being liked – “I would like to be liked because you can be a good leader and you can still be liked, even though you can make decisions that are hard, the way you go about it, will determine how people like you or not.”


One thing I have noticed throughout schooling is that it can be very easy to bully someone just because they're different. I don't understand why people are so quick to jump on the trend of shutting people down. They don't get any benefit from it, but it can have quite a really bad effect on the person receiving it.

There needs to be a sense of respect for everyone else's identity. Because someone's not weird because they have a different view. They're just individual and they're a different person and that's completely okay. And it doesn't affect other people what an individual is doing. So, they don't need to be bullied for that.

You learn a lot more by listening than you do talking. There's a saying that goes, "Don't think less of yourself, but think of yourself less." Because whatever's in your head already, you already know. So by listening to others, you learn new things that you don't know already.

Our ideas come from a long process of failures. You need to have some ideas that don't work before you get a really good idea and one thing you need, to have really good ideas, is a supportive environment.

If you have an environment where you don't feel safe saying any ideas, then a good idea isn't going to come because it's going to take a long time. Sometimes you'll never get to the stage where it's a good idea because you haven't had the chance to fail and without failure, you can't really get to the success at the end because you haven't gone through the whole process.

The biggest challenge for youth today is understanding that the future and changes we want to make is in our own hands. Understanding that we can't just let other people do it and think, "Oh, someone else will get to it." We have to actually make an impact ourselves.

Obviously currently there's a big issue with climate change and "our scientists will do it, someone else will do it." But when it comes to our generation, we have to.

That's in our hands and by that stage, if we haven't done anything then it might be too late for our own generation and then there'll be the next and then next and it just keeps passing down. So the generation needs to make a difference as it's getting to the stages of leadership rather than waiting until that point.

If I could ask the Prime Minister anything, I'd probably just ask if there's a reason why the solutions haven't been put in place, especially considering Australia does contribute a lot per capita of greenhouse gas emissions. I don't really understand why considering we have so many resources to offer, we aren't making a difference.

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