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In a world bursting with colour, black and white photos are like a desert oasis.

The first photographs were black and white and represented the peak of sophistication, character and subtlety; a reminder of a time of scarcity, elegance and wonder - where good things took time, cameras caught people in their best light, and photos were made to last and be passed down through the generations.

Exceptional black and white photography has the class, depth and history, colour photography simply cannot match.

Fine Photography Twins Black and White Photography

Specialising in black and white is a technical skill not for the faint hearted. It takes having the right person behind the lens with the understanding of how to capture the perfect shot to make us pause, look closely and pay more attention to the subject at hand.

Nicholas Fiennes

A Nicholas Fiennes black and white portrait portrays an indescribable magic nearly impossible to explain – a feeling, an emotion.

Between the shadows, highlights, hidden details, textures and shapes - a smile caught on camera by Nicholas beams like a torch in the night, the eyes become magnets begging you to look closer and think about the people behind them and the emotions on display are cemented in their rawest and purest form.

That evocative honesty is the hallmark of a Fine Photography portrait and the reason people come to Nicholas to create the perfect black and white image of themselves and the people they love and respect.

It’s also the reason Fine Photography is the premier Sydney black and white portrait photographer when quality and memories matter most.

Nicholas Fiennes

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