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Newborn Photography Sydney

Celebrate your baby’s arrival

Once your little one has arrived, why not capture them at their most beautiful and innocent with professional baby photos?

In our fully customisable shooting spaces in the Sydney area, our professional photographer can control lighting and heat, meaning Bub will be safe, warm and comfortable at all times in our photography studio.

“Capturing that perfect newborn photo takes time, creativity, patience and expertise. Nicholas had all these down to a tee. We are so thrilled with the photographs and will be able to remember this precious time in our little man’s life.”

Aimee, newborn portrait client

Options for your baby photography session

Newborn Photography

Newborn - Fine Photography - professional baby photos

In the short 2-week window after being born, your child can be positioned in so many gorgeous poses — whether on you, or on their own (maybe curled up on their favourite blanket or with a soft toy!). We call this type of portrait ‘Baby as Art’. We recommend scheduling a ‘Baby as Art’ newborn photography session for the week after your due date.

If you’d like a photo with your baby, we regularly provide a ‘Newborn Unwrapped’ portrait experience for babies aged 6-8 weeks. The ‘Newborn Unwrapped’ portrait session highlights the blossoming relationship between you and your baby and is a wonderful opportunity to dress them in something other than a onesie!

This newborn baby portrait is a time-capsule of the happiness your baby’s arrival has brought to the people who will play such a big role in the years to come.

In the past, we’ve even had family pets along as part of the portrait. If you have older children, now is the time to get a timeless shot of the siblings all together in a family photo session.

Newborn Photography - professional baby photos

Your baby will change so much over the years, and in the early stages that change can seem extra fast. Having a professionally shot, gallery-quality portrait to commemorate your baby's arrival is the perfect way to keep those first moments of life front of mind forever.

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