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Professional Portrait Photography Sydney

Newborn Photography

Own a timeless portrait that perfectly captures your uniqueness

Work with Nicholas Fiennes, an award winning professional portrait photographer with 30+ years experience, to create your portrait, be it for lasting memories or for making a stellar first impression

Nicholas specialises in black and white photography; by the removal of colour there’s less distraction and the focal point is on you, not your clothes or your accessories. However, colour portrait requests are always welcome

Newborn Photography

In the state-of-the-art Pymble studio, designed for optimal results and your comfort, you’ll be ready to create your portrait.

Whether you are the ‘Creative’ type - dancer, poet, musician, painter, thespian, writer, to name a few - have your headshots, mid-shot and full-body shots expertly created for your portfolio/website or because you want to photo document your craft.

Alternatively, why not a ‘just because I can’ or ‘lifestyle’ shoot - bring along some of your favourite things, and capture this fabulous time in your life.

“Thank you again Nicholas for my portfolio shots. To be honest, we spent so much time laughing I struggled to keep a straight face when I wanted to!

Natasha, creative portrait client

Newborn Photography

Portraits of your child

Children… one moment you’re the centre of their universe, next thing they’re moving out to explore life as a young adult.

Childhood flashes by - capture their sweet or remarkable side with a classic portrait to fondly remind yourself of those special days (when you knew more than them).

Here’s 5 tips for a stress free photo of your kids

Portrait Photographer Sydney

Newborn Photography

There’s a fine art to capturing the entirety of a person in a single photograph — their personality, their character, their style; to connect on a personal level, and place that individuality front and centre.

You’re in good hands with Fine Photography. After twenty years in the photography industry, we know a thing or two about building connections.

Across a variety of photography categories and clientele, we’ve honed our storytelling style to capture arresting images with clarity. The results are striking, instantly emotive photographs which bring together the subject and viewer in a single moment.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with clients of all ages, from 4 day old newborns to 102 year old veterans.

Besides ‘creative’ and ‘because I can’ portraits, our portfolio spans:

Newborn Photography

A little one’s arrival is a special time, there’s been a long build up! As a new chapter of love starts (and many other emotions), mark it with a portrait of your precious bundle

Portrait Photography

Family Portrait Photography

Families come in all shapes and sizes - maybe there’s seven including the two french bulldogs, or maybe it’s just the two of you - and we’ll create a treasured memory in a package that will be just right for you.

We guarantee to capture amazing family portraits that you'll be proud to display in your home.

Corporate Photography & Executive Headshots

We tailor the shoot to give you a professional appearance that aligns with your brand for use across digital channels that only professional photography can provide.

Fine Photography - Family Portrait Photography Sydney | Corporate Photographer

Special Moments Presented Perfectly

At Fine Photography, we enjoy working with you to display your portraits to suit your desired outcome. Whether it’s a 8x10” fine art print framed for your mantle or a print taking up the length of an entire feature wall, we’ll help you choose the best solution to display your art.

Your images can be presented as gifts, framed wall art, canvas wall art, albums or several other specialised photographic mediums.

We can also supply your images on our specialised electronic photographic frames. These are particularly ideal for the corporate environment or for those of you with families overseas.

Want to avoid putting holes in your walls? Ask us about a gallery quality hanging system. This provides you with the flexibility of repositioning your photographic fine art whenever you want.

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