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A fine art print often refers to a print of a photograph that is printed on high-quality paper and made to fulfill the creative vision of the artist or photographer. It is actually a loose term that doesn’t necessarily have a definitive ‘definition’.

Collections and limited editions of fine art photography

Fine art prints are usually created as part of a collection with a limited number of prints released. This means it will be more likely for them to be sold to dealers, collectors or curators and displayed in art exhibitions.

Fine art photography paper

These prints are photographs that are printed on very high-quality paper. There is a big difference between regular photo paper and fine art paper. Fine art paper will ensure that the image is shown off in its best light. The composition of this paper usually has natural fibres like cotton or alpha cellulose and isn’t bleached with chlorine to ensure the print lasts over 100 years.

All the time, work and energy that goes into creating a fine art print needs to be preserved as best as possible for the longevity of the work.

Want to create your own collection of fine art photos?

Made to last with high quality inks

Another important factor in a fine art print vs a regular photograph is the inks and pigments used. The proper high-quality paper, together with the correct archival inks will allow for supporting intense colours, varied contrasts as well as grey tones. The composition of the top layer of photography paper will need to offer a neutral ph as well as allow the inks to adhere well over time and prevent the print fading, cracking, or getting brittle over time.

Photography as art

Art is quite subjective and beauty is in the eye of the beholder with each individual person having different tastes and styles. For those who enjoy fine art photography, an up-and-coming style to embrace is a fine art portrait of your family or loved ones for your wall.

Here at Fine Photography, Nicholas Fiennes chooses black and white for portraits due to an indescribable magic that is nearly impossible to explain. Shadows, highlights, hidden details, textures and shapes show emotions in their rawest and purest form to create special fine art photos.

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