Tiana Goutzas

Black and white portrait of Young Leader 2020 Tina Goutzas
Tina Goutzas - Brigidine College, Randwick, School Captain

Brigidine College, Randwick, School Captain
17 years of age

“I would ask the Prime Minister to put a greater emphasis on climate change; he’s not truly going to be the one who suffers with the consequences of our inaction today, I am, and my future children are. Also, prevention is better and easier than finding a cure!”

About Tina:

  • Normally a reserved person and doesn’t find it easy to talk in front of other people so sees being a school captain as a challenge. It took guts, determination and her achievements to date should encourage others to give it a go!
  • Loves leading and doesn’t want her peers to feel school is a burden.
  • Is completely aware of how lucky we are in Australia to have a good education system and opportunities - and to work hard to make the most of all put in front of you.
  • Social media is a big issue for this generation because it ties in body image, bullying, and mental health. The perception someone has ‘the perfect instaworthy life’ but it’s all smoke and mirrors and far from reality. It puts unnecessary pressure on her generation to be who they’re not, or to feel shame for not reaching an unrealistic expectation.
  • There’s also a noticeable stigma around mental health - especially in her age group, it’s an illness and we should feel as comfortable going to a therapist for help, just as one would go to a doctor.

Something that stands out about this young leader?

  • Represented Australia in judo and spent two weeks competing overseas.
  • Wants to pursue a career in a field that helps people - unsure at this stage what that career choice will be.

She’s our future, why is her leadership and influence on society something to talk about?

  • As a leader, you’re never going to appease everyone. Everyone has different opinions and beliefs. I understand I cannot make everyone happy, but I do have to strive hard to make the best decision for all involved.
  • Our best ideas come from our own experiences and the mistakes we make. I hope future generations can understand the impact they can make on the world and the importance and value they each can bring.
  • A leader needs to be friendly and approachable. They cannot just lead and expect to be followed. They must know people, know about people, find out what makes them tick and tailor their conversations and processes accordingly.

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