Shafayet Chowdhury

Black and white portrait of Young Leader 2020 Shafayet Chowdhury
Shafayet “Shifty” Chowdhury - Hunters Hill High School Captain

Hunters Hill High School Captain
17 years of age

“I’m Muslim and in year 7 I was actually scared of some people just because of the way we were treated, everyone thought that to be Muslim must mean we are followers of ISIS. It’s not true at all. There are people back home in Bangladesh who are ISIS, but they’re not really Muslims at all.”

About Shafayet:

  • Had a rough time in high school because of discrimination and racism.
  • Always felt he had to laugh off racist comments to be ‘cool.’
  • Had a mental breakdown but proud to have got through it and is now happy with his skin colour, religion and culture.
  • Born in Australia to Bangladeshi parents.
  • Believes that kindness is powerful and that a little act of kindness can change a person’s life.

Something that stands out about this young leader?

  • Wants to inspire people through motivational speaking.
    Loves sport; played tennis at an Australian ranking competitive level. Also loves AFL.
  • Was brought up by a single mum and is inspired by her, crediting her with his determination.

He’s our future, why is his leadership and influence on society something to talk about?

  • I believe everyone is the same regardless of skin colour, race, religion etc. and we should respect each other.
  • People should love who they are and respect yourself.
  • I want to leave a legacy; a sense of possibility through helping people and being kind.
  • High school is a journey of self-discovery and my message is relatable, truthful and honest.
  • Great leaders should have loyalty. Being loyal to every single student is important so that they have someone to turn to whenever they need someone.
  • Not everybody is going to love you and difficult decisions have to be made.

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