Samuel Collins

Black and white portrait of Young Leader 2020 Samuel Collins
Samuel Collins - Epping Boys High School Captain

Epping Boys High School Captain
16 years of age

“Poverty is still a big issue even though it’s not always at the centre of media attention. Lots of people are in tough situations because of a number of reasons and I think it is really important for more effort to be put into resolving that.”

From Samuel:

  • Being generous is important, to people we do and don’t know. You never know when someone is struggling with poverty - I heard this recently - Australia is a first world country with third world problems, I truly hope one day we can offer greater equality to all.
  • Generosity and kindness make the world a better place.
  • Wealth inequality is a big issue affecting people worldwide and future generations should work towards fixing it.
  • The best ideas come from learning, talking and listening to others.

Something that stands out about this young leader?

  • Enjoys economics and potentially wants to do something in finance as a career.
  • Passionate about sport, particularly cricket but also soccer.
  • He has overcome injuries this season to come back after rehab which has taken lots of hard work, patience and determination.

He’s our future, why is his leadership and influence on society something to talk about?

  • It’s important to build on your predecessors work and lead by example.
  • Social media makes it difficult for leaders to block out all of those differing opinions and choose the right decision.
  • A good leader is always working for the benefit of those around them.
  • I’m inspired by the quote “it’s important to recognise that everyone has gifts and talents but a good leader will learn how to harness those towards a common goal.”

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