Penny Fiennes

Penny Fiennes – Barker College House Captain
Penny Fiennes – Barker College House Captain

Barker College House Captain
17 years of age
Future paramedic

Penny is soft spoken and shy in an endearing way. She’s a self-confessed introvert and like many introverts thinks and feels deeply. She is a natural carer and would like to become a paramedic where her strengths will thrive.


  • How Covid has created more anxiety and less risk taking
  • Introverts can also be leaders


People, at the moment, are just finding it hard to adapt to what's going on and they're unsure of what's going to happen so they're not taking as many leaps as they probably could and are just staying to what they find safe. They don't want to step outside the comfort zone because they're unsure of what's going to happen. It could all go bad again, but it could go great. And we could all be back to normal, but no one knows. Covid has changed what I can do, but it hasn't really changed what I want to do.

Sometimes I feel like I'm lacking courage, so I just try and really push myself to just be more positive. Sometimes I'm tired or down at the end of the week, I don't have the drive to do anything. And I just try and find things that will help me become more courageous again.

Just sitting and listening to music, not looking at my phone, just turning that off, putting it away, just so I can just relax and just focus on myself.
I'm very shy. But everyone’s got the chance to be a leader, to be known by people, and then to be able to talk to people because they're all in the same position as you.

Technology has helped because people have been able to share what's going on and how this whole year has affected them, but also negatively because it sometimes spreads bad things that have happened. People get really worried and anxious and it just makes that whole situation a little bit worse because people just keep worrying about what's going on and then make decisions that might not be the best decision that they're making.

The best ideas come when you can take into account the needs of others and see if you can think of something that'll help other people benefit and get ideas from people who don't really have the courage to say what they want and be a voice for them, as well.

People who just aren't as privileged as we are, people who don't have the same opportunities.

I don't really focus that much on leaders of Australia, because I feel like they only really say what's best for a country as a whole, and they don't really focus on all the small groups of people.

But I’d ask Scott Morrison how he is finding this whole year? How is he coping with it? What is he doing to help himself? Because he has to focus so much on this whole entire country. And he might not have time to like focus on himself. So just what is he doing to stay sane?

I would also ask the president of America, just why he's not doing anything? Why he's not trying to help the situation of COVID in his country, because it's just going so terribly, and what he thinks is happening and what he understands about this problem.

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