Ori Lewin

Black and white portrait of Young Leader Ori Lewin
Ori Lewin - Masada College Prefect

Masada College Prefect
16 years of age

“Anti-semitism is an issue in Australia today. Racism towards Jews still exists, I’ve been walking to my synagogue and had people shout ‘Jew’ out the window at me. I also have a Jewish friend who told me she feels her school is full of neo-nazis so she can’t say that she’s Jewish because she’ll be bullied. Discrimation really shouldn’t exist in 2019, don’t we have bigger issues to worry about?”

From Ori:

  • Having experienced first-hand, and through the experiences of friends, Australia still faces a racism problem.
  • Looks for the best in everyone and believes that you get out of life what you put in. If you put in happiness, that’s what you’ll get back.
  • People are addicted to their screens and there’s no connection between people - which is a flaw that needs to be addressed as soon as possible; otherwise who knows how our next generation will cope
  • Part of a large family, one of seven. He looks up to his brother who was also a prefect and is currently on a gap year.

Something that stands out about this young leader?

  • Passionate about music, religion, family values and school. In his spare time he writes songs and has written 21 songs to date.
  • Plans to take a gap year to study at a Yeshiva, a Jewish school in Israel. He loves to travel and has been to Thailand, US, South Africa and Israel.
  • Aspires to be a film or TV director.
  • Thinks the world would benefit from one or two days every week where there’s no screens or technology, which would mean people have to talk and connect more to other people.

He’s our future, why is his leadership and influence on society something to talk about?

  • Telling stories inspires people, creating things that people can relate to and inspire them to take action on whatever the issue is.
  • People do a lot of work and stress but they need to relax.
  • I believe that working hard allows you to achieve great things and, although sometimes you don’t always get what you want, good can come out of the bad and everything happens for a reason.

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