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Behind the scenes

Anzac Day 2020

Capturing 28 individuals across Sydney, made up of veterans and family stand ins, outside their homes to celebrate Anzac Day 2020 was an unsuspected gift of lock down.

This special project was about shining light on those who have served in the defence force, whether it was away or at home, and during war times or peacekeeping.

Aside from photo documenting service men and women for the history books, this exhibition provided a platform for stories to be shared. There were insights and funny moments, and important messages that need to live on. Regardless of how they came to be in the defence force these men and women were proud to have served their country.

Some were fresh off the farm, trained and put on the front line not of their choosing. Some have strong family military connections and it is in their blood. It’s unsurprising that they continue to serve their community after they stepped away from their military career. Whether it be through not-for-profits, penning fiction and non-fiction, nursing and trades, service continues.

Patiently posing with medals attached and keeping the required distance requested by our government, participants stepped up and served again by being vulnerable in front to camera.

Meet these men and women here.

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