Milla Papallo

Milla Papallo – Mackellar Girls Campus School Captain
Milla Papallo – Mackellar Girls Campus School Captain

Mackellar Girls Campus School Captain
17 years of age
Future professional athlete netball and dietician
Nickname: Mildred Papadopoulos

Milla is obsessed with netball, loves the great outdoors, under-estimates her worth and talent and is a ball of high energy.


  • Nature is the answer to all things
  • Covid chaos during the school year


I'm most happy when I'm connecting with nature or in the surf or doing a bush walk or with my family. Social media has taken so much out of that. Some of my friends are on their phones for five hours a day and it's just not healthy.

Growing up, my granddad had a farm and we were really hands-on and just did things that were different with experiences that I wouldn't get back in Sydney. I think that just shaped who I am and what I'm interested in and really being with nature taught me the essentials of what's important.

It's about finding something that your passionate about. You need a passion that is for enjoyment as well as for challenging themselves. So for me, that's surfing and I think once you find that, that will reduce your reliance on technology.

An issue for girls is comparing each other to other people and social media has made it really competitive as well. We need to get over that because it's not an accurate representation.

Vulnerability is important as a leader so that you can connect with people. That's what I've really learned. Being vulnerable has enabled me to connect to the other girls and that's what's made our leadership team so tight at school.

Maintaining a routine has been the biggest challenge through COVID-19 this year. A lot of girls would wake up and do work from their bed and that made them become less motivated.

Staying connected became easier in a way because everyone was so much more aware of it. And through social media, we made extra efforts to be inclusive and we’d plan zoom calls and do funny activities with each other.

I’m going to bring climate change into this a bit. I hope that our government starts physically taking the steps and responding to the students and their needs for climate justice and climate action. And I hope that happens when we're leaders and that we can live in a world that has been impacted by what we've done to try and help climate change.

I want to ask the Prime Minister how he's ensuring that the voices of young leaders today are being heard and how he's ensuring that he's implementing their needs and providing pathways for them to begin becoming involved.

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