Max McCathie

Max McCathie – Scots College Head Prefect
Max McCathie – Scots College Head Prefect

Scots College Head Prefect
17 years of age
Future professional rugby player and business person
Nickname: Moodles

Max is enigmatic and quite a character. A dedicated lover of all things rugby, both league and union, his mother is a boarding house mistress at Scots and he has spent most of his life living on campus.


  • Building respect takes manners
  • Leaders need to listen then show initiative
  • Watch what you do in life as the online world can expose you


I was taught when growing up, always, whenever you meet somebody, do these little things like shaking their hands and look them in the eyes.
Respect is pretty important for leaders. Having people being able to look up to you and believe and follow you in what you do. Voice their own opinion, but then also being able to listen to what others have to say. To be a leader, you have to show some initiative, but then also it's very important to listen to others and also value their opinion.

I definitely think one thing I'm focusing on is just leaving the school in a better place than I found it, leaving my position in a better place than I found it. One of our school motto's is, "may we be worthy of our forefathers," and just try and understand that Scot's is bigger than just the people that are in it at the moment.
You can't do anything now without being caught out (online) which I think is probably quite tough for a lot of young people because we haven't quite really learned what the consequences are, and you see it in the headlines all the time of professional and famous people who get caught out for doing things that maybe if you did it 20, 30 years ago, no one would ever know.

It’s definitely an issue at the moment - people just taking out their phone and simply filming things. Everything you do, you just have to imagine if your mum was watching, would she want you to do that?

I've got quite a bit of an empathetic side to me. I think it's almost like a bit of a genetic build-up. I get anxious about things. I wouldn't say it's about being liked. It's more about having the feeling that you made someone else feel upset, which I think is what that kind of anxious feeling is about. But definitely because sometimes when you have to do things in life, you're going to have to upset a few people to then do what you need to do.

I went through a time where I got quite upset and things would build up and then I would go to speak to mom. And she's like, "Mate, that was the right thing to do, so don't stress about it." I think the number one thing to deal with those issues is to have a role model that you feel comfortable to speak to. If it's not mom or dad, then have someone who's probably older than you, to be able to speak to. Who's been through those similar situations.

The biggest challenges facing leaders today is diverse communities and the different minorities which you have to take into account. Less hate between so many groups, everybody has different beliefs and if we can learn to accept those beliefs, even if they’re not your own. You don’t have to agree with them, but you can understand somebody else’s point of view. Some leaders are doing this well but then I definitely think some are not.

I quite like Donald Trump, but some of his views I don’t agree with – the way that he dampens people and shows everybody else that they’re a minority. But he’s passionate and he stands up for what he believes in.

If I could ask the Prime Minister anything it would probably be how does he always stay so organized? I know recently there's been a thousand things to do and you always get to the end of the day going, "Ah, I forgot to do something." Or you're 10 minutes late, and you're "Oh, this is where I need to be." Probably just, how does he manage, and who were the people that he trusts where he organize him in a way? I'd also ask him who's going to win the NRL next year. Because he loves the sharks.

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