Looking Natural In Front Of The Camera

“Just act natural”

It's so much easier said than done when you are in front of a camera and trying to look natural while feeling a little awkward and maybe even a little insecure. If it helps to know, even top models need some help to look and act more natural in front of the camera.

There's no need to be nervous going into your photo shoot, with a little bit of practice in front of a mirror and these tips you'll be feeling confident and relaxed from the very first click!

Looking Natural In Front Of The Camera

  1. Have Something to Hold

    Be mindful of where you put your hands, as they can sometimes be the one thing that is most difficult to place.  For some reason, it always feels awkward just having them at your side so if you think it will help with your confidence, bring something to hold onto. Flowers, a book, a musical instrument or even a scarf - anything that is significant to you can be the perfect addition to your shoot.

  2. Smile Naturally

    A forced smile stands out a mile and faking it doesn’t work.

    You want a look that is flattering and confident and one of the best ways to achieve this is to press your tongue to the roof of your mouth. The corners of your mouth will naturally draw up and it won't look forced at all.  If in doubt, don’t force it.  Your smile will shine through when you need it to.

     Looking Natural In Front Of The Camera

  3. Wear Something Comfortable

    You need to ensure that what you are wearing during your photo shoot makes you feel comfortable and confident.

    If you aren't feeling comfortable this will show through in your images no matter how hard you try. Put some thought into what you will wear.  Make sure your outfit compliments your style and body shape.  This will ensure that you feel fabulous and enjoy your photo shoot.

    For more tips on what to wear, see our blog – How to dress for a photo shoot

  4. How to pose to look more natural in photos

    1. While your photographer will help to direct you in how you should sit or stand it's a good idea to know a few simple tricks when it comes to posing.
    2. Turn your face to the side. Just about everyone has an asymmetrical face and most often one of the eyes is slightly larger than the other. You want to turn the side of your face with the slightly larger eye towards the camera. This will help balance out the face.
    3. Stick your neck out slightly and roll your shoulders back and down. This helps you look relaxed and elongates the neck to will eliminate the dreaded “double chin” that many people have.
    4. Smile with your eyes. This will make your photos look less forced and is especially helpful if your mouth isn't smiling.
    5. Turn your shoulders to the side. As with turning your face to create more flattering angles, the same can be said with your body. Turning your shoulders will even out any asymmetrical issues and show you in your best light.
    6. Shift your weight. This will help you find the nice lines of the body. Another tip is to try crossing your feet at the ankles to elongate the body and add a little depth to your images.
    7. Consider your hands. It's very awkward with wandering hands that are idle. Try holding something like a coffee mug or touching your hair or face.
  1. Think Happy Thoughts

    Before you go into your photo shoot you want to have an image, joke or happy story in the back of your mind. During the shoot, you'll want to recall on these thoughts to help bring out your genuine smile. If you start to get nervous, remember your happy thought and you will instantly begin to relax and feel more comfortable.

Here's an example of before and after using a few tips to look natural in front of the camera:

Black and white portrait of family kneeling on a couch and before given tips to look natural in front of the camera
Before a few tips on looking natural in front of the camera.

Black and white portrait of family kneeling on couch, after getting tips on looking natural in front of the camera.
After a few tips on looking natural in front of the camera.

An unofficial tip, but important, be in the moment and enjoy it for what it is.

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