Lior and Noa Drimer | 8 & 5 | Various

Black and white portrait of little ballerinas Lior and Noa, sitting on step stools.

Interview includes Lior & Noa’s mother Helene.

Lior’s specialities: Ballet, acting, ceramics, painting, drawing and modelling.
Noa’s specialities: Ballet

Inspiration for starting:
Lior’s passion is storytelling and imaginative play, and she was inspired by seeing ‘Ballerina’ and she also loves to dance. “I wanted to start acting because it is fun and I get to dress up in costumes. I also want to see myself in movies.”
Noa started ballet because she loves to dance and express herself through movement. And she was inspired by seeing ballet on tv.

What are you most proud of so far?
Lior - performing in my first ballet concert ‘The Chocolate Factory’ with Big Steps Little Feet; the scene I just filmed in ‘Liminal’for Young Actor’s Assembly; having my art published in Dreamscape Magazine; Being interviewed and having modelling photos of me wearing my art as fashion in the latest chapter of Dreamscape; Being accepted for the Woof exhibition and competition at Art Est Art Gallery and Art School; modelling in My Kia stills campaign.
Noa - Dancing on stage and doing grand jetes.

If you had to convince the Government to give the performing arts sector more funding so you could get more costumes and have better venues, what would you say?
Lior - Performing arts are important because people earn a living in the arts, and because they bring people joy.
Noa - Ballet is an important part of a child’s education.

Helene -
At the height of WWII, Winston Churchill was challenged to defend a budget that called for an increase in arts funding.

“How can you propose this at a time of extreme national crisis?” asked one member of Parliament.
Churchill replied, “I do it, sir, to remind us what we are fighting for.”

How has COVID-19 impacted training and performances?
Helene - All of Lior and Noa’s training stopped, and we spent a lot of time going on long bike rides. We don’t have the capacity to do Zoom classes at home during lockdown. Lior’s ballet teachers cannot physically correct her, and everyone needs to wear a mask on set.

Funny recollection
“On the set of ‘Liminal’ the make-up artist yelled in a very loud voice to the cast and crew outside to be quiet - ‘especially the people on the trampoline’. We all cracked up laughing.” Lior
One of Noa’s friends projectile vomited on her in class. Noa was upset, but it is memorable.

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