Levi Isaacs

Levi Isaacs – Masada College St Ives Prefect
Levi Isaacs – Masada College St Ives Prefect

Masada College St Ives Prefect
16 years of age
Future architect

Levi is a gentle soul, he applauds difference and goes against the norm. He’s softly spoken and creative, plays the saxophone and loves Jazz.


  • The arts are as important as sport
  • Climate change impacts the economy and the government should look at both


I have a pretty creative background. At school there isn't really much recognition for that. Most of the recognition goes to academic achievements or to sport. So the main change I wanted to make is more appreciation for those students in the creative arts.

If a society has no arts, then there's no creativity, there's less innovation and there's just less well-being. I'm sure people can find meaning, but, personally, I don't think life has a meaning without art, because then where's the enjoyment?

Being a leader is the easiest way for change. You have the most influence as a leader. If there's a change you want to make, you have the most reach in order to make that change.

I try to live in the moment. I wouldn't say I'm very good at it, because I do tend to overthink things. I try to live an ethical environmentally conscious life, though I could be making a bigger effort than I am. It is the same with everybody - all I'm thinking of now are the things that I'm not doing.

Most of the members of parliament in their forties, fifties, sixties, they're not going to be around when the effects of climate change actually take place. So it's very easy for them to push it aside, because they're not going to have to deal with the impact. But they should be thinking more about the future generations.

Because climate change it's also going to affect obviously the economy, and I think if the government is as focused on the economy as it is now, then they should hopefully be smart enough to look at climate change for the future.

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