Joan Mary Wilson OAM | wearing her father’s and late husband’s medals

Joan Mary Wilson OAM | wearing her father’s and late husband’s medals


4 children, 15 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren.

Patron Tibetan friendship Group, Australia Inc.

Associate Submariner.

Director Distant Pavilions Tours.


  • William Alston Tebbutt, 1898 – 1960 (62 years)
  • Major 8th Division Australian Imperial Force (AIF)
  • Born in Glebe, volunteered for WW1 saying 24, when in fact he was only 17 years
  • Served 4th Battalion WW1, Landing on Gallipoli April 25. Later wounded Ypres France, Discharged 1918 with rank of Lieutenant
  • Lawyer, married Gwendoline Mary Fowler, 2 daughters
  • WW2 - Served 8th Division Malaya. Rank Major: Intelligence, mapping, in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Surrender, looking after nurses on Vyner Brooke. Sunk. 23 hours in water, washed up north Banka Island. POW Palembang. Then Changi.
  • Returned Australia 1945. Lawyer. Lived in Turramurra Passed away 1960.

Late husband

  • Donald Rupert Wilson 1917 – 2009 (92 years)
  • Lieutenant Commander Don Wilson had a remarkable wartime career but as this was mostly spent on loan to the Royal Navy, there is little mention of his exploits in our literature. He was one of a handful of Australian naval officers to achieve a submarine command during WWII. Read his full story here.
  • Lieut Commander Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) Royal Australian Naval Volunteer Reserve (RANVR)
  • Born Chatswood. Working Snowy River Scheme, joined Sailing Cadets, Volunteer Reserve.
  • Married Phyllis Westbrooke, 1 son.
  • WW2 1939 sent to the UK. Trained in submarines, served mostly Mediterranean - based in Malta.
  • Served ‘HMS Untiring’.
  • Commanded ‘HMS Voracious’, the only RANVR to Command a British Sub.
  • Discharged 1945.
  • Grazier, then bought Mu’o Island, Trobriands New Guinea, copra plantation.
  • Returned Cremorne. Phyllis deceased.
  • Married Joan Mary Scharkie ne Tebbutt
  • Attended as Australian representative the international Submariner Congress in Passau Germany
  • Lived Northern Beaches. Passed away 2009.

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