Hanako Greuter

Hanako Greuter – Mackellar Girls Campus School Captain
Hanako Greuter – Mackellar Girls Campus School Captain

Mackellar Girls Campus School Captain
17 years of age
Future sports physiotherapist
Nickname: Hanna

Hanako loves sport and dance and is a considered speaker who takes time to think through questions. She’s also a dedicated kayaker and enjoys being part of a co-captain collective with Milla.


  • Wants to hold politicians accountable to look past their four years
  • Believes vulnerability leads to empathy
  • You can lead and still be a team player, they are not mutually exclusive


I'm one of four children, so in a big household listening is so important. Because the best ideas are going to come from brainstorming with other people and bouncing ideas off.

You can be both a leader and a team player when you develop a really good relationship with the members in your team. So if you're a leader and you have a strong team, then you know that they're going to be strong and hold up any stuff that you might delegate to them.

Every leader needs to have empathy because it just helps them understand the situation and how other people are feeling so that they can act appropriately. We become more empathetic by going and learning from a bunch of different people, you need to meet different people who may not be the same as you or have the same ideologies.

Vulnerability shows that you are actually a human being, people respect that in a leader. Or, not necessarily a leader, but in a person I'd say. And with vulnerability, when you experience those emotions, you're more likely to be more empathetic.

In 2020 I'm concerned for the general public with COVID-19. And as young people, ensuring we're not doing anything that will negatively affect the elderly population.

I also think the biggest issues that we're all really passionate about is definitely climate change and another issue that affects us is social media, it has become a massive distraction for our generation. It definitely can enhance our learning and school, however it can really turn into a really toxic environment where people can say really nasty things about other people while they are hidden behind their profile picture. People need to know what they're getting themselves into by participating and signing up for a social media platform.

If I could ask the Prime Minister anything it would be at what point will politicians look past their four year term and instead, regardless of political parties, set common goals for the future?

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