Delphi Siahu

Delphi Siahu – Ryde Secondary College School Captain
Delphi Siahu – Ryde Secondary College School Captain

Ryde Secondary College School Captain
17 years of age
Future psychologist or sociologist

Delphi is an introvert and not afraid to tell you, quietly. While 2020 has been difficult for some, her introvert character has embraced the retreat of lockdown. She’s of Indonesian heritage and played the saxophone since she was three.


  • Introverts have as much to offer leadership as extraverts
  • Choose a life you would like, not one driven by obligation


As an introvert moving onto an online platform in 2020 due to COVID-19, I actually thrived with the environment at home. But I'm aware that people who are extroverts, they actually had issues dealing with staying at home because they weren't able to hang out with their friends as usual.

You don't have to be an extrovert in order to voice out other people's opinions. I believe that you can be an introvert like me. You're leading the school for a reason and you were picked for a reason.

Empathy is an important characteristic of being a leader because you're in that position to help other people, and you're going to be talking to them as well. You're not doing it just by yourself.

To be able to sympathize with people and understand their needs and to also just provide them with comfort is important.

I really hope that the future generations will live a life without feeling like they have to do everything with obligation. I believe that they should do things based on passion and what they believe is right for them. Especially within Asian culture, our parents sometimes can enforce that onto their children. And since we live in a contemporary society today, I believe that people can achieve that independence and know that it is completely okay to do things their own way.

My parents are quite progressive and they've learned to be more lenient with me. And that's something I'm really grateful for. But I'm aware that with some of my other friends who are of Asian heritage, they have that expectation of “I need to become a doctor or I need to become a lawyer. I need to fulfill my parents' expectations and make them proud.”

Sometimes it's great to make your parents proud, but also you want to do it for yourself. And I believe they shouldn't lead their life on the expectations of other people.

I used to live in Western Sydney and when I was growing up, I grew up in a predominantly white community. I guess people weren't really that racist, but they would stereotype us and say “oh, they're really smart and everything, just copy answers from them.”

If I could ask the Prime Minister anything I would ask in relation to climate change and how to be more connected to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander origin as well.

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