David Linton Ball | 57 | Royal Australian Air Force

David Linton Ball | 57 | Royal Australian Air Force

Served 14 years.

RAAF Squadron Leader, Electronics Engineer.

Postings: Aside from the 4 years at Frognall, the postings that I had after graduation were all of 2-3 years duration. RAAF Williamtown, RAAF Laverton, HQ Support Command and HQ ADF.

Primary job: Electronics Engineering Officer – spent most of my time specialising in communications systems (fixed, tactical and mobile). My last posting was heavily involved in satellite communications system development and this is where I have spent the majority of my career since leaving the RAAF.

“I thoroughly enjoyed all my time in the RAAF – fantastic experiences and such a wonderful group of people. Still miss it today but thankfully I have had the opportunity to do some work in my post-RAAF career to help develop capabilities for Defence.”

Best advice/skill received: Listen to the non-commissioned officers that work for you – their experience is priceless and needs to be taken into account when making decisions – particularly important early on in your career as an officer

What do you want people to remember about your service? Not everyone gets to deploy overseas – the work that is done behind the scenes to create capability is essential to enable the successful deployments to take place

What was the best and worst 'military' food you were served, and why? Some of the food in those early days at Frognall was pretty average but some was quite good. Overall though the food at the messes at the bases that I served throughout my career was very good – particularly for the functions and dining-in nights over the years. I remember some particularly sensational events at RAAF Williamtown in the mid-80s where the catering officer did an outstanding job at motivating his team to deliver some really impressive events

What effect did your military experience have on your life? My military service was a great foundation for my career – the training and experience set me up to succeed in civilian life. I made lifelong friends from my military career.

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