Charlotte Milner

Charlotte Milner – Brigidine College Captain
Charlotte Milner – Brigidine College Captain

Brigidine College Captain
17 years of age
Future veterinary surgeon
Nickname: Charlie

Change could not come fast enough for Charlotte. She’s a passionate advocate for today’s youth, concerned about FOMO and technology.


  • Charlotte wants the world to really hear youth issues that impact the world, before it’s too late
  • She’s concerned about phones, technology, social media and mental illness


It’s crucial now that we really do have our voices heard because frankly, we're going to be the ones suffering consequences. I hope that for future generations, our world is more accepting and less discriminative of age as a barrier for ideas. People really are set on the fact that, when you become an adult, that's when you get to do things, that's when you get to push for change or that's when you get to put your voice forward.

People look at us and think, "Oh, you're just kids", but in five, 10 years time, we're going to be fighting for those positions. We're going to be living in the world that has been made for us and basically if we don't start looking at our future in a lens that's directed at our generation, I feel like by the time we get there, the consequences are going to be far more drastic than we think.

If I could ask the Prime Minister anything, I'd probably ask him how he accounts for the voice of our youth today. If there are further methods he could take to really hearing and providing more opportunity for our generation to present ideas.

I guess the thing I'm dreading the most is that I'm with a leadership team and that we won't be able to have the ability to make effective change that we want to. And whether that be because of COVID or restrictions, I feel like that is a massive thing that has been on my mind and making sure that we do leave a legacy of change.

We've never been that close as a year, which is quite disheartening to think that people you've been with for so long, you don't feel connected with, but this year has really allowed us to come closer. And it's ironic that in such upsetting (Covid) circumstances we have come closer.

We've basically had to adjust all these changes in the school system and in the classrooms. It's brought up a lot of discussions and girls have really broken out of their shell and put themselves forward and big discussions have been made about so many things.

With everything happening, mental illness is such a huge part of people's lives. People hide it so well and don't want to express it and I guess they get trapped in that. We need to be aware of it in our society even if you think it's not prevalent to you.

I also think social media has allowed us to further demonstrate and put awareness out there of mental illness.

But I also think it does have its downsides. What you see is not real and it's a shame that people are so caught up in it and they think that that is my ideal life. I'll be happy if I look like that or if I do that.

People are obsessed with technology, people obsessed with their phones. Personally, I try and stay off my phone as much as possible because I get so overwhelmed with everything that's going on. I'll be off my phone for half an hour and then there's so much that's happened. And that scares me because I obviously think, "Oh, have I missed out on anything?"

The fear of missing out has been drilled into us, especially people my age, because that's all we know. But I think we really just have to step back and remember that there was a world without technology.

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