Arthi Sundaram

Black and white portrait of Young Leader 2020 Arthi Sundaram
Arthi Sundaram - Crestwood High School Captain

Crestwood High School Captain
17 years of age

“A lot of leaders forget what they stand for. They’re influenced by what they think the world wants and forget their purpose for becoming a leader in the first place. It’s important leaders to listen to others, take the time to comprehend the differing points of view, but remain vigilant and strong on what they truly stand for.”

From Arthi:

  • Future generations need to move away from social media and influencers; to follow their instincts and talk to people.
  • A lot of students feel they don't know how to handle issues in their lives, which impacts their studies. They need to be happy with where they are now rather than always focusing on the future. Being happy in the moment is something a lot of students, in my opinion, lack.
  • As a leader in my school, I would like to increase the number of accelerated courses the school offers; the HSC is stressful enough, having the opportunity to complete a subject prior to then takes a little bit of the pressure off. It also gives us insight into what to expect during the HSC and how to prepare.
  • Stress is a prevalent issue facing my peers, it’s not something we are taught to handle and I don’t believe enough attention or support has been made aware to young people, to help them through these times.

Something that stands out about this young leader?

  • Wants to become a medical officer in the Army
  • Climbed Mount Kosciuszko, wants to climb Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Family has moved to Australia from a war-torn country

She’s our future, why is her leadership and influence on society something to talk about?

  • People have a lot of opinions, understanding that not everyone has the same opinion as you and being prepared to have conversations with others with an open-mind is important.
  • It’s important to be grateful in life and live in the moment, particularly when you’re young. There’s more to life than our school years.

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