Annabelle Richens

Black and white portrait of young school leader of 2020 Annabelle Richens
Annabelle Richens - Pymble Ladies’ College Head Girl

Pymble Ladies’ College Head Girl
17 years of age

“I think so much of the bigotry and discourse that happens is from people who don’t respect others or their right to exist with a different lifestyle. The world would be improved if people were better educated and more accepting of people making different life choices. It all comes down to respect and if we could get to a point where everyone has that level of respect and understanding the world would be a better place.”

From Annabelle:

  • Really admire the storytellers of the new age e.g. famous film and TV directors - they have it all figured out; they know what they want to say in the world, and how they're making their voices heard and making it relatable to audiences all over the world
  • There's so much potential for storytelling through film, theatre and TV - it’s the medium you can be the most creative. And you can garner so much from the nuances within a story; by the colour, and the sound, as well as the way a shot is framed in the performance. I believe the people that are doing that are really brave because it's easy for it to all go wrong.

Something that stands out about this young leader?

  • Understands the importance of a leader hearing what people want; to be someone they can lean on to support them
  • Comes from Young NSW, is humble and is grateful for her opportunities
  • Would like to pursue a profession in film production

She’s our future, why is her leadership and influence on society something to talk about?

  • She is already looking to put programs and initiatives into place at her school that'll have a positive impact.
  • Trying to create spaces where girls have friendships that include other years, not just with girls their age; a mentor program of sorts. It reflects the real world and there's much to be gained from younger girls being able to look up and have the mentorship of older girls, and older girls can learn and see the world through different eyes; fostering a culture.
  • She believes there’s real capacity to drive change in the world and she would like to lead that in some way.
  • She feels her generation is often misunderstood by the older generation for choices they make. She would like to bridge that gap but also be very clear with her generation that they’re actually doing a great job, and they can exist beyond whatever stereotypes an older generation may place on them.

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