7 Tips to Take That Amazing Selfie First Go!

We all know, in this world of smartphones and social media, that almost everyone has or does take selfies.  You possibly even do it on a daily basis.

The situation is likely to go a little like this … you take your first selfie, thinking that it should look great.  But on second thought, decide that you could probably take a better one.  Then after dozens of attempts, hair adjustments, fine-tuning lighting angles and poses, you have finally taken a killer selfie!

Tips on how to take a great selfie

Following are some easy tips for you to consider when taking your next selfie and with any luck they will help you save lots of time and attempts and you will find the best way to take a selfie for you.

These are our selfie tips:

  1. Double check how you look

    You will be off to a great start in taking that cute selfie, if before you begin, you make sure you take the time to give yourself a quick once over to check your make-up, clothing and hair for any fly-aways. We have also talked about what to wear for your photo shoot in other blog posts.

  2. Check your lighting

    To get the best selfie, it’s also important to watch your lighting. All good photos need great lighting.  Position yourself for that selfie pose in a way that you are facing into the light.

    Natural, outdoor light will get the best results but try not to look straight into your light source as you may make yourself squint unnaturally.  Find a shady space with indirect light.

    If you do need to take your selfie inside, try to find a window and use that as your light source.  But be careful, as the glow from your phone’s screen does nothing for your complexion.
    How to take a great selfie - lighting

  3. Check your background

    This is such an important selfie tip.  We have all seen social media posts commenting on the background of some selfies – floors filled with dirty washing or worse … underwear!  Don’t be one of those casualties.  Make sure you consider other ways that you could accidentally reveal something embarrassing … taking a selfie in a mirror might show things behind you that are best left unseen.

    If you are taking your selfie with sunglasses on, remember you can often see the reflection in the lens – not the look you are after!

    So, I guess the most important thing to remember is to make sure your background is flattering.

  4. Play with angles

    The thing with selfies is that not everyone looks the same at different angles. The best way to take a selfie is to play around with the angles that works best for you.  Try taking photos from a left or right angle or even from above to see which works better for you.  Sometimes holding the camera just above your eye line is the perfect angle. You could also try pushing your shoulders down.  This will create a more flattering / relaxed effect.

    Having a camera looking slightly downwards at you is also very flattering.  You could even try using a selfie stick to achieve this look and to work out the best angle for you.
    How to take a great selfie - angles

  5. Chin up!

    Take note from the Kardashians and extend your neck and chin forward slightly to elongate your neck and jawline. This will ensure you avoid displaying a double chin.

    You could also, slightly raise your eyebrows to make your eyes appear larger.

  6. It’s ok to edit

    Once you’re happy with your selfie, it’s ok to crop it slightly or even add a filter or effect for a more unique shot. If the background is too distracting, you can even crop it out completely.

  7. Have fun

    When taking selfies, make sure you laugh and have fun. While there is a place for your more posed selfies, don’t be afraid to get a little silly. Whether you are eating a meal at a new restaurant or showing off a new outfit purchase, selfies are about sharing your experience with the world.

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