7 Critical Elements of Making Your Photos Beautiful

7 Critical Elements of Making Your Photos BeautifulHave you ever wondered what makes particular photographs stand out and stir certain emotions in you when you look at it? Of course, photos of your family and places familiar to you that you love will naturally give you the warm and fuzzies or leave you in awe but there are also very specific elements in great photos that help bring them to life and make you take a second look.

  1. Lighting

    When a photograph has beautiful lighting it gives the image a certain mood and highlights the important aspects of a photo. Light is an incredible tool, using soft artificial light in a controlled environment such as a studio creates atmosphere and can make all the difference.

  2. Surrounds

    While focusing on a specific person in a photograph is how we naturally take photos, that person is only a part of the greater whole. Your background and any other objects in a photo all make up the structure and create the scene for an amazing photoshoot that will draw you into that moment. Here at Fine Photography, we have a number of different backdrops that may be used during your photo session.

  3. Texture

    A high-quality photo will usually allow you to pick up on certain textures in the image such as textured clothing and/or accessories, backgrounds such as bricked walls or even certain flooring all add to the texture of an image.

  4. Perspective

    Different perspectives make the most beautiful photos. Sometimes it takes getting right down to a toddler’s level or up on a ladder to capture the perfect angle.

  5. Confidence

    When people arrive at the studio, ready to embrace the experience for all that it is, their confidence radiates.  And this confidence is then carried through to the photoshoot, resulting in amazing beautiful images to cherish for a lifetime.

  6. Complementary Outfits

    When selecting outfits for yourself and the family, it is important that everyone is dressed in coordinating colours and dressed for the same season, thus creating a unified look. We want you to feel fabulous, so you will feel comfortable and confident and this will radiate through into your portraits.

    See our ‘How to Dress for a Photoshoot’ blog for more details and the perfect outfits to choose for your photoshoot.

  7. The Moment

    Having someone capture a special moment in time, where all you are focussed on is yourselves, enjoying that point in time together, really does make incredible photos. Time goes by so fast. Embrace the moment and commission Fine Photography to capture these fleeting moments for you.

7 Critical Elements of Making Your Photos Beautiful
7 Critical Elements of Making Your Photos Beautiful
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