About Fine Photography

Fine Photography is one of Sydney’s most renowned photography studios.

Owned and run by accomplished Sydney photographer and artist, Nicholas Fiennes. Fine Photography specialises in black and white portraiture and is known for creating enchanting portraits of families, children, youths, dancers, actors, business people and public figures.

Viewed in their entirety, the tens of thousands of images we’ve taken form a heart-warming gallery of unique human reactions united by a single thread we call ‘The Fine Difference’ — rich black and white pieces of art, with unmatched depth, feeling and impact.

Photography Services

Fine Photography is Sydney’s portrait photographer of choice for:

- Newborn Photography
- Family Portrait Photography
- Corporate and Executive Photography

We’ve also worked with several publications, including The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.


The Studio

Built in 2015, the purpose-built and designed creative space can be transformed from a warm and intimate setting, to a broad and spacious set complete with furniture and props to suit a range of scenarios — from couples and families to business teams, artists and individual profile photos.

The Creative Team

Nicholas Fiennes is an artist as his very core — warm and approachable but fastidious about details and arrangements. If there is a look you are hoping to achieve to preserve your memories and capture a mood, he can work with you to bring it life.


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Located near Sydney, Australia.

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