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Nicholas Fiennes

Nicholas Fiennes (pronounced ‘Fines’) is an award-winning black and white portrait photographer who Sydney’s most discerning families, executives and journalists trust to perfectly capture the important people and moments in their lives.

With over 30 years of experience behind the lens, Nicholas treats every shoot in his custom-built Pymble studio, as if it has been commissioned by an international publication or gallery.

He is an expert in getting the best out of his subjects, using his warm and disarming manner to break through the natural hesitations and awkwardness people feel when having a portrait taken. He is equally at home working with new mothers, as he is with big families and boardroom power brokers.

Fine Photography - About Nicholas

Nicholas is unique in the photographic world; he has an artist’s ideals but combines them with a helpful dose of practical reality (perhaps because he’s also worked as a policeman and is a father to four children).

His pragmatic leanings mean he can think on his feet as things evolve rather than waiting for the best-case scenario.

Of course, in a time when most people always have a multi-megapixel camera within arm’s reach (cue: any of the latest smartphones), a photographer’s real value comes from how they see the world.

Nicholas mentally converts what he sees into a black and white — his world — finding the shadows, the highlights, the hard lines and the blurred, to capture the moment perfectly.

Nicholas Fiennes

Fine Photography - About Nicholas

Nicholas has won several awards for his artworks to date, these include:

  • 2019 Silver Award, Children Category, Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Awards
  • 2018 Silver Award, Portrait Category, Australian Professional Photography Awards
  • 2017 Silver Award, Portrait Category, Australian Professional Photography Awards
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